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Walking Starts with a First Step

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Have you ever have those days where you have so much to do that you don't know where to start and at the end of the day, you actually feel like you've taken a step backwards instead of forward?

I know you’re exhausted trying to get everything done every day and it never seems to end. Your routine is busy and on top of that, you are being pulled ten different directions. If only you had more arms!

Tip: All those things that you’re trying to do every day? They’re not going anywhere.

Pace yourself!

If 2020 taught me anything, it's this. Don’t get so busy rushing through life that you don’t live for today. Life and all its moments are calling to you, just hoping you’ll see them. Perhaps you’ve just gotten caught up in the hustle and bustle which can sometimes blind us of the joy of the simple, sweet moments.



Take back your life and stop letting those annoying characters named "Worry, Hectic, Fear, and Chaos control you. Don’t be that person that looks back at the end of their life and wishes they’d done more things, experienced more precious moments and truly lived. This is your chance to turn the page and start a new chapter..

How? Make it a story worth telling. Live in the moment.

Suggestions? Absolutely!

Put your phone down and lift your head up and start seeking the beauty of this world.

Lose yourself in a glorious sunrise or sunset that God paints for you every day!

Breathe in the warm winds of a peaceful afternoon.

Wet puppy nose kisses.

The calmness of a kitty purring.

The sweetness of making your neighbor smile.

Notice the hummingbirds and butterflies!

Planting spring flowers!

The belly laughs of children.

Go barefoot in the grass, sand, or a cool stream.

A road trip to nowhere.

Sing in your car (or shower) as loud as you can.

Dance in the kitchen.

Flag down the ice cream truck!

Go camping!

Lose yourself in your favorite music.

Learn something new! Chess? Guitar? Another language? How to properly remove wallpaper? How to chop onions like a pro? Now I realize we are in the midst of a pandemic and some of you don't feel comfortable yet venturing out to find these things yet in person. For this I have 3 words. You Tube University.

We spend so much of our life stressing about deadlines or our future, that we forget to notice the little things that are all around us, every day, and there’s true beauty in those things. Try a little less social media and a little more real life. Make a new friend. Let’s stop complaining, gossiping, wishing, wanting and asking for something bigger and better and let’s love what we have. Enjoy your blessings and appreciate the joys that perhaps have escaped you for far too long. Stop agonizing about what has been and start looking forward to the possibilities rising in front of you!

And before you can tell me that you can’t, I’ll remind you that you can.

But you have to want to experience more and believe in your future.

Quit overthinking everything.

God's guiding you! Trust in Him!

Don't let fear invade your thoughts.

If you don’t think it’s possible, take my hand and I'll help walk you through it.

No, I don’t know what tomorrow holds.

What I do know is with love in our hearts, passion in our souls and courage in our spirit, there’s nothing we can’t do through the power that Christ supplies us with.

The opportunities are limitless!

Are you ready to go find your groove again?

It’s been waiting for you this whole time you know....

Now, it’s time to believe.

Believe that God has something wonderful for you, but it's up to you to take that first step. Even if it's a baby step. You have to learn to walk before you learn to run and you can't follow where God is leading you by standing still. Take that step of faith!

It all starts with you.

You've got this!!

Baby steps and giant leaps!


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