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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Does Perspective Change Things?

To answer the questions above....Absolutely! One of the reasons we don't really think about perspective is because we highly underestimate the power it holds.

Just take the world today. We try to see more of the truth of the chaos we are living in. But it can be overwhelming and upsetting and some ask themselves the following questions:

1, Does it really even matter? The world is what it is. My circumstances are what they are. How can perspective possible change my diagnosis, my financial situation, my failing marriage or relationship?

2. Why should I bother with perspective? There's so much suffering in the world and having a "positive perspective" won't change that.

3. Changing my perspective won't change my family member's mental illness, wont break my best friends drug addiction and wont it save my job.

Down a similar avenue, we have this slight suspicion that all this talk about perception is an illusion, a clever way to talk ourselves into feeling better about the world we live in and about our current situation. We’re hesitant. We don’t want to be fooled, yet don't want to be delusional either.

But perspective is both true and powerful. It changes our behavior. It informs our decisions. It influences the way we think and the way we think influences the way we act. Yes, there is much suffering today. Look around you. It's in the world, in our state, in our city, in our homes and in our lives. It could be health, financial, employment, personal, or perhaps you are suffering from significant loss. But a way you can keep a positive perspective in the midst of suffering is to remember Jesus. Jesus suffered and told us that we should expect to suffer too. (John 16:33). You see, suffering isn't just a fact of following Jesus. It's an opportunity to grow closer to Him. God brings beauty from ashes and if you're going through something heavy, or just frustrated at the way the world is today, take heart. God's got something better coming your way!

If you are having a hard time keeping a positive perspective, I get it, believe me! I do have a couple of steps you can take. If you practice these daily, being positive will start to come naturally over time.

1. Read your bible. When we are suffering, we are most apt to believing lies. God's Word is truth. We should make it a priority every day to read our Bibles for instruction and wisdom. But it's ever more important when we are suffering. When we fill our mind with things of God, it keeps our mind strong and keeps the negativity to a minimum.

2. Be grateful! Start telling God out loud what you are thankful for. Whether in the middle of a hard moment or simply getting ready for bed, thankfulness softens my heart, gives me perspective and gives me a chance to thank God for who He is and what's He's done for me.

Pursuing perspective is not about shuffling through the deck until we find something we like. It's about training your mind to know that God is in full control and the weight of the world does not lie on our own shoulders. No matter how dire the state of the world is, this comes as no surprise to our Creator. No matter what happens, God is in control! Stay positive friends! Whatever you are going through, God's got this! A true perspective is transformative. It is an important domino in the line of meaningful and intentional living. If we discover a positive perspective, our lives will be forever changed.

Staying positive in 2021!


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