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He Gives to a Broken Heart: Part 1

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

"The strong spirit of a man will sustain him in pain and trouble. But a weak and a broken spirit who can raise it up are who can bear it". Proverbs 18:14.

Life can at times be so complicated. It's so hard to go through heartbreak, or watch

someone you love go through it. During that season, they can even be shell of the person they once were. People can cause so much hurt. A decision that they think is good for them, can bring devastation to others without giving thought to the ramifications that can follow weeks, months and potentially years later.

In this life there will be pain. There's no way to avoid it. But if we stay strong spiritually, no matter what comes against us, we will make it through. We can truly do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

I read a quote. It's is so true, especially if you are experiencing heartache.

“He understood that the hardest times in life to go through were when you were transitioning from one version of yourself to another.”


You think that if you could just have the answers, you could be at peace. But would you be at peace? Sometimes God shields us to protect our hearts. Even when we don't understand why.

You think that if everything fell into place the way your heart wanted it and you had your way, then your life would be complete and fulfilled. But would it be? What if it's not God's plan? God has a gentle way to intervene and give you the strength to let go of something you would never think of letting go of, just to protect you. It may hurt for a while, but God never wastes a hurt. He always brings beauty from ashes.

You think that if the unexpected stopped suffocating you, then you could breathe again. When in reality, you finally get through one trial and then another wave knocks you back down. This is a typical time when Satan brings on warfare. Sometimes during this time, we spin ourselves into such despair, we can even question our own faith.

You just want the answers. You want to come up for air. But you took a plunge so deep you’re not sure you can get back to the surface.

You want what you think you need to feel complete. Sometimes a broken heart can be misleading. You are blindsided by what you never thought would come true and your mind is running a hundred miles an hour in every possible direction. You are questioning yourself going over your relationship with a fine toothed comb, finding red flags that you should have noticed, but like the saying is blind.

It is as if we think that seeing the whole picture could make us happy. We want that thing that God has and that Eve wanted: knowledge–of everything. But what we don’t get is that our limited minds can’t comprehend plans that great, big and powerful.

God gives us what we need and what we need is the assurance that He is walking with us through each and every day, ever present, always faithful.

He gives us what we need and what we need is the confidence that we are His: chosen, loved, worthy, beautiful, and filled with His power.

He gives us what we need and what we need is not more confirmation from the world or approval from people: it’s the knowledge that nothing can shake us from His love or startle away His opinions of us.

He gives us what we need and what we need is not clarity as to why something happened the way it did...what we need is the face of Jesus.

He gives us what we need and as beautiful as His gifts are, sometimes we simply just need Him–all else stripped away.

So even if you are confused as to how someone you cared for so much could crush you into so many pieces....If you are hurt, broken, healing, happy, motivated, discouraged, or filled with joy–even if you think you are too far, there is God's love and it's always available. I know that sometimes it is easy to believe you cannot handle what He has for you in this season, but you can. You never know what you can handle until your handling it. You never know how strong you can be in Christ, until you look at yourself in hindsight and see all you have already endured with God by your side.

He will give you what you need, because you simply need Him, and as painful as it can be when He takes everything else away, it will be the most beautiful thing that will happen to you.

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