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Stop debating with yourself. You are enough

Do you ever just breathe in and realize right in a single moment, that you are enough? That even if you never did one more thing, that your existence is simply enough?

It is easy to size up how your life is feeling to how someone else’s life is looking. Especially in today's world of social media. Even if you’re not comparing yourself to someone else, it’s easy to constantly be wishing you could just be better. Just do better. It’s easy to believe the lie that you are not qualified to step into a dream or calling because you don’t have yourself perfectly together. It is easy to believe that because you are still learning, you can’t teach others what you have learned. And above all, it is easy to believe that you can never reach a point of feeling like you are enough, because there is always something else you could do or a better version of yourself you could be.

In today’s day and age I think that it is so easy for people to idolize other people that we learn from, draw inspiration from, or merely follow online. If you want, you can curate the perfect Facebook feed. You can compose blog posts that talk only about the good stuff, and you can share pictures on social media that are edited to the T. You can show everyone your amazing life, your amazing habits, your amazing house, your amazing toys and your amazing relationships. You can leave out the real stuff. You can minimize your mistakes and blemishes. You get to select your content.

We can get caught in a cycle of always reaching for more, thinking that one more promotion will validate us in our career, that a different person will fulfill us when it comes to relationships, or that more recognition will take up the empty space in our hearts when it comes to what we want to achieve.

But no matter how much you achieve, what material things you have, who you know, or what you accomplish, you will never feel as though you are enough if you don’t believe it yourself.  Believing the truth about yourself isn’t something you save for the days when it’s easy to do. Believing it starts on the days when your heart feels the exact opposite. And even then, what's to believe?

You want something to believe in??Believe this: You are a child of God. Jesus died for you. He took the beatings, the whips, the torture and the crucifixion for you. We are imperfect beings. But Jesus provided a way for us. He bridged the great divide. There is not one perfect person on this earth. So do you believe? Do you believe that nothing you can ever do can make you more worthy of this life, more beautiful, more worth loving, or more “enough.” Salvation is a free gift. All you have to do is accept it. Tell God YES. Tell God your ready for Him to take over your life. Tell Him you are ready for a thorough cleansing, from your heart to your brain to your soul. When you sit back and let Him can let that sink in. You can live fully alive in who you are called to be and rest in Him. You can let go of your fear, your worries, your health, your addictions, your anxieties. You can let Him heal you and turn beauty from ashes.

Know that you are enough in all of your imperfections, & know that nothing you ever do will change God's love for you.

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