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Be like Job

Life's circumstances can bring you to the point where is just becomes debilitating.

Nobody knows that better than a man named Job.

If you don't know who Job is, let me introduce you.

Job was a man of complete faith. He was a loyal follower of God and lived his life daily walking according to God's plan for him. He was wealthy, had many children, livestock and land. For Job, life was great. Best yet, he was favored by God.

Then Satan approaches God and they have a conversation about Job. Satan asks God if he can tempt Job, in hopes that Job would curse God in the end. God allows this, knowing that Job is a faithful man. In the beginning books of Job, he loses everything including his family, his home, servants, livestock and crops. In Job chapter 6, we see that Job is struggling. Earlier in the verses, he speculates if it may be better for him to die. He ran out of energy and longs for hope.

When our circumstances are grievous and our long-suffering feels way past a conclusion date, how do we hold on? How do we continue to cope when we are past our breaking point?

Job knew that he had to hold on, but he had no strength left to muster any hope. No prospects to justify patience. So, he does all he can do. He cries out to the Lord. The rest of chapter 6 is a plea for God to make Himself known.

It was God who allowed Job's trials and it was God that delivered Job. It was not Job's strength. It was not the redemption of Job's circumstances that was Job's true deliverance. It was purely Job's deep knowledge of God. A knowledge gained by faith.

Life is full of challenges and tragedies. It is too much for us to bear on our own. It is too much for our own strength, too much for our circumstances. By fully trusting God, we allow for more than we can do on our own. More than we can comprehend and more than we can endure. This is having faith and true faith is the gateway to abundance.

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