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Enchanted Echoes: A Tribute to True Living - by Julia M Welch

‘Tis bittersweet these friends I’ve made

Every laughter, cry, and dance 

Twirled and swirled in the flutterings of my heart

Stage fright? More like, stage at midnight 

The whimsy, the light, the late, late nights 

Suddenly vanishes, just as it magically appeared

Feels like fairyland’s dream; a delicious trance 

The edges of my body settle, frayed

This is Torrey Theater. 

This is True Living.

Here is my torch, here are my tears 

Loving with all my might

Looking up to the bright lights

Laughing out all my fright

Hoping in dizzying heights

Wandering after the music of the spheres

Answering the call to always be gifting 

The True, the Good, the Beautiful.

-Julia M Welch

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