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Calling all writers! Inspire 2021!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Think back in your life. Way back. Have you ever had an interest in writing? When was it that you fell in love with writing? When did you first dream of being a writer? Were you just a child in elementary school? High School? College? After you became a mom or dad? After a significant event in your life? During the COVID quarantine? What prevented you (if anything) from writing?

When I was a little girl, I loved to doodle, draw, play the piano and write. I loved practicing my printing, and even more so, my cursive! I would write letters to my parents every day on my moms stationary and leave them places they could find them as a surprise. I loved creating short stories that usually involved dolphins and sea otters and puppies. Creative writing and was my favorite subject in elementary school. I would make my own birthday cards for my friends and family out of paper and crayons. It wasn't long before writing and music became a outlet for me. It would allow me to escape reality and go into my own little world.

My mom who is a professional artist always told me to keep that part of my brain going and encouraged me to keep writing, saying "There is such power in creating!".

When your a little girl, you don't really understand that aspect of it, you just know you love to write. The older I got, the more I realized what she meant by that, and the more I wrote! The more I read. The more I paid attention. Did I become a writer? No, I became a nurse. But that didn't stop my love for writing, drawing, or music.

What about you? Have you ever taken a step towards writing? Well, now is your chance!

Recently, I've had some readers contact me asking if I would publish their stories. After a time of prayer, I've decided to hold an open call for writers! There are a couple of you "hidden writers" out there! Have you ever had the desire to write but you didn't have time or know where to start? Do you have an outstanding story to share (real life or creative) but never knew what to do with it? Do people always come to you for advice? Put it into words!!! In a world of chaos right now, this world needs light! This world needs a creative outlet! This world needs to hear your story and you need to write it!

The year 2020 is almost over! Let's appreciate what it taught us and move on! What do you have to lose? Let's enter 2021 with a new vision! A new purpose! A new direction! Start with something you've always wanted to do! Write!!! Do you write poetry? Send it in! Short stories? Send it in!

It could be about what you learned from 2020.

Ever had a real experience with angels?

It could be about the courage you displayed during a very difficult time.

Ever had good that came out of a devastating situation?

It could be a complete story of praise and joy!

How about that door that God opened for you? You could encourage others to walk through their open doors too!

It could be a hilarious happening in your life or opposite of that, as time of extreme sadness and how you coped.

It could be a real life situation, or it could be inspirational fiction.

The options are limitless, as is the gift that God gave you.

So, take that first step! Write it and send it in! Yours just might be selected to be published in Smallest Victories!

Submit your article/story to with your name and a brief explanation of when/why you started writing.

If your story is chosen, you will be contacted within a week and I'll publish it for all of

your friends and family to see!

So get writing! What are you waiting for!

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